After holiday comes the travel hangover

Yay, you just booked your flight tickets and nights at a hotel by the beach and you are walking with a huge smile everyday till the day.

And when you arrive to the paradise your smile is even bigger because this place is even better than you imagined. For two whole weeks you are happy and you are living to the fullest and are enjoying every minute.

The day comes when you have to pack your bags and take the flight home. And you are still smiling.

You open the front door to your home and you immediate feel it’s good to be home when you lay your head on your pillow.

But for me this feeling of “feels good to be home” normally doesn’t last very long. And this time I didn’t even got the chance to feel “it’s good to be home” because it was blown away by the biting cold wind when we stepped out of the plane. 

We got home last night after spending two month in Thailand. The bags and things are spread out all over the floor. My daughter is all over the place. My head is banging of headache from jetlag. Both my daughter and I got a cold. It doesn’t help that the flat is freezing cold because my husband turned off the heater and forgot to close two windows before he took his plane (my daughter and I left a week before him). And I had to go to the grocery store. It was so cold outside that if I started to cry the tears would freeze into icicle. Then cook…after two month.

There is no place like home…right? If you ask me, I hate beeing home..atleast for now! 

White winter wonderland!

This feeling is normal. It is called “travel hangover”. 

Koh Kood

I get it everytime we come back home from holiday and the feeling is worse than the ordinary hangover. Travel hangover is pain in your soul and heart…almost like a hearthache when you separate from someone that you love. Like having a broken heart, travel hangover feels like it will last forever. But the truth is like everything else time will heal. I will slowly get back into the daily rutin, get use to the cold and the jetlag  will be gone ect. 

Other than time, there are actually ways how to cure your hangover. I will write about that another time. For now, I will just cry my ached heart out. Crying is by the way one of the cure…


9 thoughts on “After holiday comes the travel hangover”

  1. Oh no, so sorry about the cold! It must be brutal to go from the warm and humid Southeast to freezing winter! Jet-lag isn’t helping either. Hope you and your family are feeling better soon!

    I feel like I suffer from travel hangover about 50 weeks per year so I’ll be on the lookout for your tips on how to cope. Things that I do is blogging, googling nice pictures and reading other people’s travel stories.

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  2. It must have been a real shock for your body (and soul too) to come back to this chilly winter.
    But on the other hand, I´m looking forward to all your amazing posts about your holiday you´ll write and put on your blog 🙂

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    1. Unfortunally, I didnt collect much material for posts about Thailand. Its a shame because I was planing to write about alot of things but things are very different when traveling with a toddler to a country as Thailand . You just don’t have time or energy to take photos or gather information. But there will be some post…


  3. Oh my goodness it must be so hard to return to a frozen Switzerland after two months in Thailand. I am always looking, planning and booking holidays. Sometimes I wish I could be happier where I am than always planning to be somewhere else. But there are so many places to see in this world! How was Thailand?


  4. I know that feeling…I just discovered your blog though FB, do you guys live in Sweden, do you speak swedish? I usually go straight for the “About me/us/this blog” section of each new blog, can’t seem to find it. Anyway, waiting for you post how to get over the travel hangover ❤

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    1. I thanks for reading! I am actually about to work on my blog! Its a disaster now. I am the only one speaking swedish as I grew up in Stockholm. I am married to a Swiss guy and we are curentlt living in Bern. I think we follow each other on instagram!❤️😘

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