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Cherry blossom trail in Frick

I so so love having a picnic under a blooming tree. Especially under a huge Magnolia, cherry or apple tree. That’s one of my favorite thing to do in spring! (No, spring cleaning is not one of them!)

When we lived in Lausanne we had our favorite places to have a picnic under blooming trees. But now after a year living in Bern we still have no clue where to view cherry blossom. I asked around and someone suggested me to take a walk on the “Chriesiwäg” in Frick in the Canton of Aargau. It is about 40km from Basel, 50km from Zurich and 110km from Bern. Normally we wouldn’t drive over an hour just to see some cherry trees but something made us go there last friday and we don’t regret the decision! 

We parked our car infront of the Frick railway station. It was 0.75 chf an hour, not expensiv. From the ticket office at railway station we got a map of the 5km round hike.

The wow-moment start almost as soon as we arrive to the starting point of the hike around 1km from the railway station. It’s easy to find the way as all you need to do is follow the family cherry sign!

The road is in good condition no problem for using a stroller but as we had our daughter in a carrier we were free to explore, walk around the field as we wish and took our time. I suggest you to use one because to fully enjoying this place is to go off the beaten track!

It was heavenly to walk among and between the trees feeling the spring in the air. And the whole field was smelling so sweet of flowers! I might exaggerate but I think the spring got into me !😊

We were there on a friday between 11am to 4pm and there were not much people around.

Along the 5km there are information panels on the trail about the cherry varieties, the bees and the landscape ect. But unfortunally only in german. There is a picnic, BBQ and WC area.

Tips! Incase you like better the fruit itself than the flower then come later on the summer to eat some cherries directly from trees marked in blue...for free!! 

I can already imagine us sitting under a cherry tree reaching up for a cherry one after another…mmmm my kind of happiness !

For more information: Here

Do you guys have any favorite blooming tree you want to share?

Fiery Furnace ranger hike, Arches NP

In 2014 when we were in Arches national park we meet a couple who recommended us to do a guided hike with a ranger at the Fiery Furnace, an area where there are red rocks formation looking like burning flames.

Normally we don’t like guided hikes as we like to walk in our own pace but when we saw these rocks formation we were convinced and decided to reserv at the Arches visitor center two spot for the next morning. As we thought the tour was fully booked but our names were put on the top of the waiting list if someone would cancel at the last minute.

The next morning we drove to the visitor center and got the good news that two person have cancelled the morning tour! How lucky! Usually people need to book months in advance to get a spot on the tour.

At the meeting point we were around fifteen people plus the lady ranger. Some were looking fit and some didn’t. We had three kids in the group aswell. We introduce breifly to each other and the ranger explained to us the safety procedures. And then off we go.

Our ranger guided us through the flames made by rocks. Beautiful! 

I liked our ranger instantly because she was so lovely. She was aswell very informative and explained things in a way that capture my attention. I could feel that she really loves her job. We learned alot about the plants and the creatures in the park.

Our cute ranger sitting under “the hidden arch” explaning how fragile the nature is. I would like to be a ranger when I grow up!

One of the interesting thing we learned was about these prehistoric brine shrimp living in the potholes. The eggs can survive under extreme heat or cold temperature condition. Now I make it sound so boring but our ranger was so passionted about it and made it so interesting! Haha

Can you see the shrimp?

The beauty of this place really took our breath away ! We have heard that this place is even more magical by the sunset as if the flames really would come into life. I can imagine !

We are experienced hikers so this three hours long hike was not difficult for us so we were just having fun and enjoying the surrounding. For some people this hike might be difficult as you have to climb and jump sometimes but we were helping each other and nobody was ever left behind. Even the kids managed fine with some help. 

Don’t miss this out while out here at the Arches NP.

For more detailed information about the tour please click here and here

The beautiful glacier Zinal cave 

  The entrance to the ice cave nr.1

  Inside of the cave nr.1

  Entrance to the cave nr.2

  Inside the cave nr.2

  Cave nr.2

 Cave nr.2

On our way to the glacier.

The winter is approaching and I’m panicking just the thought of snow and minus degres! Luckly we are flying to Thailand escaping the cold for a couple of weeks! I asked my husband David to make a list of activities we could do this coming winter with our one years old daughter Mirabelle. The first thing on the list is snowshoeing to the amazing Zinal glacier in Switzerland! It’s an easy walk with beautiful surrounding for around 2 1/2 hours to the glacier. The starting point is at Zinal village near the Pont de Singline. You can do this hike every winter and never get bored because the cave will be different every year since the snow will melt and form and shape new caves. If you are a first timer on a pair of snowshoe there are alot of guided tour but if you already have experiences with snowshoeing and mountains the hike is doable without a guide. Just remember to call the tourist information about the risk of avalanche before you head out. For more information about guided tour : http://m.valdanniviers.ch/tourism/trip-inside-zinal-glacier.html

Vintern närmar sig och bara tanken av snö och minus grader ger mig panik! Som tur flyger vi till Thailand och flyr kylan i några veckor! Jag bad min man David att skriva en lista på vad vi kan göra på vintern med våran ett åriga dotter Mirabelle. Först på listan är att snöskoa till fantiska Zinal glaciären i Schweiz! Det är en enkel vandring med vackra vyer som tar ungefär 2 1/2 timmar till glaciären. Vandringen börjar vid byn Zinal vid Pont de Singline. Man kan besöka isgrottorna varje vinter och aldrig bli uttråkad för att isen smällter, bildar och formar grottor olika varje år. Om ni inte är vana med att snöskoa finns det många guided tour men om ni redan har erfarenheter tycker jag att man kan gå utan en guide. Kom bara ihåg att kolla först med turist informationen om risker med snöravin innan ni går iväg! Mer info om guided tour : http://m.valdanniviers.ch/tourism/trip-inside-zinal-glacier.html