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The Ogoz island by foot

Each time we have been driving on the highway E27 by the lake Gruyère I have seen a tiny island with an old castle and a small chapel. It’s called Ile d’Ogoz. Someone have told me that you can reach the island by boat. Even though Ile d’ogoz seems cosy I just feel that it is not worth taking a boat to get there. If you are intressted click here for more information.

The island surrounded by water. Photo credit: Here

Yesterday we drove pass the lake and I noticed that the water level of the lake was very low, which I have never thought of before. I then suddently saw people WALKING ON THE LAKE?!? But no, the people were actually walking on a stripe of land to the island! I understood quickly that it’s only possible because of the low level of the water. Once at home I made some research and I found out that this happens every winter and spring. 

As it looked beautiful and we only live 40km away we went there this morning. 

I wouldn’t say it was extraordinary but if you are passing by the neighborhood (like going to the Gruyère castle and the Cailler factory) during this time of year I think it’s a nice little stopover. When we got there around 10am we were almost the only one but people keep coming and it is not at all a hidden gem as I thought.

The island itself is very small. There are a chapel and an old castle. From the castle you have a nice view of the surrounding. There are benches and BBQ spots but I am not sure if there is a WC. 

The walk is not difficult nor far but I wouldn’t recommend using a stroller as you can see the path is full of rocks. 

The parking and the starting point is   at the adress Pont-en-ogoz 3, at the Le Bry village. From the parking you will see a clear path to the island.

Perhaps the island would be more impressiv when surrounded by water and getting there by boat? I am however very pleased to have walked to the island!

But by kayaking might be fun though!!

Tobacco caye, Belize

Have you ever chose a vacation destination just by looking of a single photo? I have! We were in Guatemala in 2014 and we thought of passing by Belize. I was making a research on internet and I came across this photo. I instantly knew that I will be laying on that hammock very soon!


The photo belongs to “Tobacco caye paradise”, a resort with six simple cabans right over the water in Tobacco caye, Belize. Without booking or even calling we were heading towards Tobacco caye.

It took us half of a day to reach Tobacco caye from Livingston, Guatemala. We took first a speed boat to Punta Gorda, Belize. Then a colorful school bus to a small little town Dangriga. In Dangriga we took a speed boat to Tobacco caye for around 20$ each.

Once arrived we were disappointed to find out that Tobacco caye paradise was fully booked for the night. Luckly the next day there was a caban available for three nights. I honestly don’t remember that we spend 90$/pers with three meals as indicated on the website. For us that would have been to expensiv! If I remember correctly we paid half of that price per person. Perhaps we were lucky ?  Or they changed the price?

The caban is very simple but cosy. You got everything you need plus a terracce with a peaceful view over the caribbean sea. Once in a while you can see stingrays swimming by just down in the crystal clear water! I was happy to be swinging on that hammock!

Tobacco caye is a very small island. You can walk around in five minutes! Inspite of the small size the island has many places to stay. But when we were there in 2014, Tobacco caye paradise was really the best choise! 

The three days we were on the island we did some snorkling. You have to do it from the other end of the island, outside the reef for deeper water. I have been snorkling on many really good places so my expectations were high, so Tobacco caye was not as good as I was hoping. Our neighbours from germany went out diving with a dive center from the island and they said the dives they made were really good! And the dive center organise dives to this famous “Bluehole”!

One day some locals boys took us out on the reef fishing. That was fun! 

On the evenings the mini bar by the beach opens and the party begins! We could sit around a fire drinking our drinks. 

The island itself was not really exciting but the Tobacco caye paradise was truly worth a stay!