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Hiking at The Zion Narrows, one of our favorite hike!

To be honest the hike at the Narrows isn’t our favorite hike at the Zion national park, the Angels landing is but I can assure you that the Narrows is aswell very awesome!

The day before our hike we went to the visitor center to make sure that there was not a Flash Flood Warning. People have died in the narrows beacause of a flash flood caused by a storms kilometers far away! It might not be raining where you are but it might somewhere else.

Once we got the green light, this is optional, we rented each a pair of canyoneering shoes (18$/pair) to help preventing an ankle injury and Neoprene socks (7$/pair) to keep our feet warm. Inspite of the price I was very happy to be walking in the shoes as there was no way you could see what was on the bottom of the river. I remember a few times my feet got stuck between rocks and I was so grateful to have my funny looking shoes on.

Our “walking on the moon” shoes.

Map here: Zion Guru

We started our 16km (ten miles) round trip hike at the Temple of Sinawalast stop of the free Zion canyon shuttleand turned back when we reached the Big falls, the campsite. We were there in late september (2014) and it was crowded but the further you get into the narrows less people it will be because most of them will turn around by the Wall street

As you can see at the map above there are several hikes and you can even go further and for some of them you will need a permit.

It was harder than I expected walking upstream some parts knee to waist hight water, on loose rocks and slippery boulders. Sometime there are potholes but ofcourse you don’t see them until you plunge into one. At some stretch it was a challenge to choose the “right” way to pass. One tips is to look of the people who are walking infront of you…some will fall into a pothole or slip..well then you will know where not to walk.  Another tips is to use a stick! I am still laughing thinking of this guy who put his stuff on his head and walked straight forward and then suddently we saw only his head.

This hike was pure fun and not just an ordinary walk on the mountain that we are so familiar with. And ofcourse the big reason why this slot canyon walk is very popular is the beauty of this place! Everyone should try to hike as far as you can even if it’s not very far because behind every corner you will have a wow-moment!  Just remember that none of my photography makes the Narrows any justice! 

When to go:

The Narrows is normally closed between mid March-late May depending of the level of the water and runoff. The best season to go is between summer and autumn, june-november. If you dare you can do it during winter season, but if you doing it you problably already know about the freezing water.

More great information about hiking the Narrows click Here and Here
So what are you waiting for? Go do this hike!

Why you should love going on a road trip in U.S

Before we flew to U.S in 2014 I was not totally convinced that we made the right choice. For me USA was gangs, violence, barbie girls, highly obese people, drugs, skyscrapers, traffic, greasy food….everywhere. I had a really bad image of U.S.

Yes I am still having this image of USA but not as bad and extreme. After over two month of road trip mostly around Califonia, Utah, Arizona and Colorado I realised that the gangs and the violence are not on every corner of the street. Not everybody are fat or barbie skinny. There are drugs but we were never offered any. There are traffic but mostly in the big cities, like most of the cities all around the world.

Actually, David and I fell quite easily in love with U.S, atleast of what we saw and experiences. We both saw an amazing side of U.S that we did not expected and we both agreed that we can’t wait to get back there!

Here are some of the reason of why WE love doing a road trip in U.S.

The landscape, national parks and monuments. 

We live in Switzerland and we are spoil with beautiful landscape but the one in USA is extraordinary! USA has everything the mother nature has to offer! Just one hour drive away from a huge busy city you can find a stunning landscape and a feeling of calm and harmony!

The nature is the main reason of why we love USA. This endless land is screaming to be explored! And most of it are for free! We have not once been disapointed of a national park we have visited. The visitor center are all great, clean and the staff are always helpful. We can feel that the rangers really care about the the nature. There are tons of FREE, fully equipped camping site around the parks. Use them but please respect the rules too!

The Americans

The Americans are what swiss people are not; open, friendly and very chatty! At first we were quite chocked of how people could come up to you and talk like we were best friends! And then she or he would turn around and totally ignore you like you don’t exist! We got used to it. Americans have a very positiv vibe about everything.  “Aweeesome”, “Beautifuul” or “Amaaazing”, we keep hear they say. We just looove à l’américaine enthousiasme!

The highway

USA is one of the best country to make the ultimate dream road trip not only because of the good roads but aswell of how many wow-moments you will have while driving on one! There are so many great, scenic highways all over the country. One highway that is well known worlwide is the historical route 66 or the pacific coast highway route 1 along the westcoast. My absolut favorite is the route 12 in Utah! Breathtaking!

Get out of the overrated route 66 and you will find the true beauty!

The service

The waiters and the waitress in USA are dependent of tips and they really deserv it! We did not came across any waiter/waitress that showed us how much they hated their job! They were always cheerful and smiling. Every 5 min or so they would come to our table and ask if everything is alright, if we needed a refill..anything. David and I who live in Switzerland (or Europe ) are not use to that kind of service! At first we got annoyed! We even thought that they wanted us to hurry and leave the table for the next client!

The fast food chain restaurants

Living in a country where there are not much choises of fast food chain USA was the food heaven for me. Ok fast food is not healthy but when you are on a road trip you sometimes don’t care! And it is really cheap and the plates are huge coming from someone who eats a lot!

Our favorite chains are :

  1. Bubba gump shrimp CO (from the movie Forest Gump)
  2. Panda express, chinese cuisine.
  3. In-N-out burger
  4. Taco Bell

The viewpoints/overlook

The Americans love the viewpoints! And so do we! Don’t get me wrong, I love to walk but sometimes you are just to lazy to walk some km to have the best view so we appreciate alot those viewpoints where you can just parc the car, step out of the car, walk 2 meters and there you have the view!

 Jucy. The car that comes with everything!

I think that many of you who have been travelling in Australia or New Zeeland have seen a lot of this ugly greenviolet car on what it is written Jucy. Perhaps you have even rented one yourself? When we were in Australia we did not drive a Jucy. I thought that these Jucy cars were hideous and neardy and I totally ignored if the car was very practical or not. I remember laughing inside of me each time a Jucy car drove by. Everybody seems to be driving a Jucy and I was happy to be different inspite that our RV Camperman was not much prettier!

In Australia

A few month later we were travelling to USA. My husband was responsable for finding a rental car and imagine how my hearth sank  when he said we were renting a…Jucy! I thought he wanted to mess with me! After comparing , Jucy was the cheapest and the best option for a two month road trip. Just the thought of sitting in that green car made me felt less cool!

The same day we got Jucy I was on a bad mood. My husband was driving the first part and when we got out of the town I drew….and ever since my husband never got the chance to sit behind the wheels again…ok execpt in the big cities. It was love at the first drive! Jucy was so nice to drive and we got the newest model so everything was hyper modern and cool! Note that I got my first driving licence at 33 years old (better late then never), just two days before our trip so I have only been driving one car.

The first night we parked Jucy infront of a Walmart that was open 24/24 just outside Las Vegas. You could fold down the seats that became a sleeping place for two people. Or you could just take the stairs to the “penthouse“. Penthouse is my favorite but I only dared to sleep there only when we are by the nature or in a camping ground.

Sleeping in the car

Beside that Jucy is nice to drive and the beds are soft we had a kitchen, a sink and a fridge at the back of the car. The fridge saved our life as we could stock our fresh food and water. It was so delicious drinking almost ice cold water when it was +30 outside!

And when we got bored with each other we had movie nights in the car with the DVD player that was provided.

Another good thing with Jucy is that we had a lot of storage under the seats to put our bags and clothes so the car was always tidy.

The jucy cars were neardy in Australia but in USA where nobody never drives them I felt quite special! People were very curious about the car. We had to demonstrate Jucy to people everyday and I was so proud when the americans say “Amaaazing!”, “Awwwesome!”, “Cool!” about the car! So much that I wished the car was mine!

I love Jucy but for 60$ + 100 miles/day is quite expensiv. We passed our miles limit with over 1000 miles but luckly we did not had to pay for some kind reason!❤️

I just checked the website and you can actually now BUY a Jucy! And change the colors of the car!

For more info: Here

So what do you guys say? Have you a better option?