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Hardergrat, the most dangerous hike?

David and I are hike lovers…what else when we live in a mountainous Switzerland right? 

There are so many hikes all around Switzerland for all kind of people and taste. I love hikes with mountain lakes while David loves high alpine hikes with views of mountain tops and surrounding. And we both love adventure! So last year we were very excited when we heard about this 27km long Hardergrat trail that suppose to be one of the most dangerous hike in the world…and the most beautiful! 

I wish we knew about this hike before we had Mirabelle. Either we wait for her to get older and give her to someone for a day or we take her along with us now. We decided to try the hike with her. We knew we couldn’t never do the hike all the way but we wanted to try as far as we could.

Most of the people hike up before dawn from Interlaken to Harder Kulm to be able to finish the trail in time to catch the last steam train from Rothorn down to Brienz. More about this trail click here and here. We decided to do the the opposite way. Take the steam train from Brienz to Rothorn. Just note that you can ride the steam train for free on your birthday!! For more information click here.

Photo credit: Here

Photo credit: Here

Photo credit: Here

The weather was not the best. It was cloudy and we didn’t had a good sight of the lake and of the mountains. When we arrived at the Rothorn station we walked around before we walked towards the trail to Harder kulm. There are many other hikes with starting point from Rothorn station. 

Our trail started quickly to be narrow and seeing Mirabelle made me scared for her life so I keep repeating to David that he has to be careful. This kind of trail is not unusual for us but having Mirabelle with us changes everything!

Don’t worry the trail went down behind the ridge…and not on the top as we might think!

Here is where the real stuff start to happen. It’s here you will start to really walk on the ridge! I told David that we better do this without Mirabelle to really enjoy it. He agreed so we just had our picnic and  then we walked down to Planalp where the steam train will take us down to Brienz.

So this is our first attempt of the Hardergrat trail. Next time we might not do all the way either but hopefully some part of the trail. 
Would you guys like to try it? 

After holiday comes the travel hangover

Yay, you just booked your flight tickets and nights at a hotel by the beach and you are walking with a huge smile everyday till the day.

And when you arrive to the paradise your smile is even bigger because this place is even better than you imagined. For two whole weeks you are happy and you are living to the fullest and are enjoying every minute.

The day comes when you have to pack your bags and take the flight home. And you are still smiling.

You open the front door to your home and you immediate feel it’s good to be home when you lay your head on your pillow.

But for me this feeling of “feels good to be home” normally doesn’t last very long. And this time I didn’t even got the chance to feel “it’s good to be home” because it was blown away by the biting cold wind when we stepped out of the plane. 

We got home last night after spending two month in Thailand. The bags and things are spread out all over the floor. My daughter is all over the place. My head is banging of headache from jetlag. Both my daughter and I got a cold. It doesn’t help that the flat is freezing cold because my husband turned off the heater and forgot to close two windows before he took his plane (my daughter and I left a week before him). And I had to go to the grocery store. It was so cold outside that if I started to cry the tears would freeze into icicle. Then cook…after two month.

There is no place like home…right? If you ask me, I hate beeing home..atleast for now! 

White winter wonderland!

This feeling is normal. It is called “travel hangover”. 

Koh Kood

I get it everytime we come back home from holiday and the feeling is worse than the ordinary hangover. Travel hangover is pain in your soul and heart…almost like a hearthache when you separate from someone that you love. Like having a broken heart, travel hangover feels like it will last forever. But the truth is like everything else time will heal. I will slowly get back into the daily rutin, get use to the cold and the jetlag  will be gone ect. 

Other than time, there are actually ways how to cure your hangover. I will write about that another time. For now, I will just cry my ached heart out. Crying is by the way one of the cure…