A 10000-likes photo!

 “Hotel Califonia” reef, Indonesia 2014.

Nowdays people live to collect likes at the social medias! Sadly I’m one of them! 

A friend of mine asked me a question the other day. She asked me if I have only one chance to collect as many likes as possible with only one vacation picture. Which picture would it be? 

I went home that day looking through my “Best of travel photo” album. Each photo in that album would collects many likes but there is a really special photo because that photo was not even plan ahead to collect likes. The photo was taken by misstake by a fellow traveler from england we meet in Indonesia on our RTW trip in 2014. 

On the day the photo was taken we were out snorkling on an amazing reef called “Hotel Califonia”. They name it so because there is a “hotel” in the middle of the reef for the fishermen to sleep. I remember sitting on the edge of the longtail boat trying to look very nonchalant while David was trying to take a wow-photo of me. He didn’t manage to take any wow-photos by the way. But the beautiful fishes and corals made me forget all about collecting likes.

When we got back to our bungalows our fellow traveler from england showed us a picture of me sitting on the edge of the boat looking perfectly carefree. He explain that he took this photo by misstake! He actually was cleaning his snorkel?!? I immediately knew that this is the 1000-likes photo I was hoping for! 

So how many likes will this photo collect do you think? Would you click like to this photo? 

And the picture under is one of Davids picture. 

 The photo taken by David.


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