Stones that are shaped like mushrooms

David needs a hug!

On our road trip in USA in 2014 David and I got to see incredible natural wonders we did not know existed! The Hoodoos were one of the unknown things for us. So what are they…hoodoos? The hoodoos are rocks that are strangely shaped like mushrooms! 

They are cute right?

These hoodoos we have seen are called the Toadstool Hoodoos and can easily be found on highway 89 between Kanab and Page just west of Big Water near Cottonwood Canyon Road. From the small parking starts the easy hike to the Toadstools. The hike is 2.5km/1.5 miles round trip. If only we were not lazy that day we would have seen other kind of Hoodoos not faraway by taking the Wahweap Hoodos trail that is 15 km/ 9 miles round trip. 

The beautiful surrounding! 

One thing afterwards I really regret is not have visited this place on late afternoon because it has to be even more magical with the warm colors! Imagine it!

So next time  (I promise your there will be a next time) we will visit this place by sunset and do the Wahweap trail!

Here is an illustration of how these rock formation got created. I just love mother nature!


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