When your fussy toddler ruined the vacation.

Imagine a beach with the nicest stretch of white sand, coconut trees swinging and the sea so blue that blends in with the sunny sky. Imagine yourself laying on a hammock listening to the waves hitting the shore. Imagine yourself floating on the warm sea and you are feeling so light and so free. 

For me that is a great vacation!

Photo taken from a restaurant while our little one was whining. At Bang Bao bay beach, Koh Kood.

My vacation photos might seem great but my vacation is not great …far  from great! Imagine yourself walking on that beach but add a whining, crying and a screaming 1 1/2 old who always wants to be carried. Imagine yourself lying on that hammock but instead of hearing the waves  you are hearing your kid whining. Imagine yourself floating on that warm sea while your kid pulls your hair and screams or anything to get your attention. Imagine a sunset dinner by the sea and all you do is to try to keep your child happy. Imagine waking up at 5 am by your toddler who is sitting on your head. 

That is how our five days vacation was at Koh Kut in Thailand! Some people get their vacation ruin by the bad weather, bad service or bad stomach flue. As parents you can get your vacation ruin by your own kid! 

There was no way she wanted to be in the picture! Bang Bao bay beach, Koh Kood.

All the kids are so sweet…most of the time. And the other time they can turn into a little monster. Unfortunally for us our little monster chose to come out during our five days at Koh Kut. As her parents we know that she might have her teeth growing, that she has a tiny cold, she might be tired, she could be thirsty or hungry, she might be bored or overstimulted…or she is in one of her many phases. The reason for her fussiness are many. We parents just try as best as we can to make her happy or atleast less unhappy  and hope that she will soon wake up one day and the “little monster” is gone. 

And it did! The same day we left the beach and was heading back to Bangkok our daughter was smiling again all day. Finally she is her happy old self again! Now the vacation can begin! 

Update! After a lot of critism from readers I want to add that before coming to Koh Kut we spend a week in Bangkok adjusting and she was fine…more than fine. And before Thailand we have been on vacation with our daughter. We have been a week in Santorini. We have been camping and done a lot of hikes. And she has never been this complicated before. 

It was just so comfortable laying there relaxing but ofcourse she was screaming to get out of the ring. Bang bao bay beach, Koh Kood


3 thoughts on “When your fussy toddler ruined the vacation.”

  1. I came accross your blog whilst searching for some travelling inspriation and absolutely love this post! It’s so honest unlike so many other travel bloggers and i can totally relate! Made me giggle too. You have a great travel blog xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks you so much, especially for this post because I didnt got good feedback from a mum group on facebook! You are the few one that understood my point! Thanks for reading!❤️


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